THE ARTS = Science+Math+Language+History

The arts creatively teach science, math, language, history, and SO much more. In times when we are seeing the arts disappearing from public education, it’s more important than ever to support community-based arts programs. Sadly, their fight to survive has never been tougher.

Curtain Call Players (CCP) is a GTA-based arts charity dedicated to keeping creative opportunities available and affordable to all members of the community, through musical theatre. This spring, ‘The show couldn’t go on’ due to finances; they were forced to think ‘outside the box-office’ and turned to crowdfunding to #SaveCCP.

Community theatre allows a family of four to attend a musical for essentially the same price they would pay for a single ticket to a professional production. It’s a place where young talents can hone their skills before stepping onto professional stages, but it’s also a place for people who just love to sing and dance. Even more, these groups provide many unique volunteer opportunities, working behind the scenes. The beauty of community theatre is that it’s not just for the young or the old; it’s a place where all ages and colours of the rainbow come together to create something spectacular.

The Baron Byng Beaches branch of The Royal Canadian Legion offered CCP space to host a JUMP JIVE AND WAIL celebration on June 1st. This date marks the end of CCP’s crowdfunding campaign to raise $29 800 for a musical in the fall. Believe it or not, $29 800 is a conservative amount of money to put on a production, only possible because this beautiful show was actually written by a member of the charity. The cost of rights for big-name musicals, costumes, props, a venue, and more, can add up very quickly. The Legion was moved when they learned about the WWII Musical CCP wants to put on. It’s a big band musical featuring the GTA Swing Band that tells a beautiful love story through authentic letters sent during the war. CCP plans to give $1 from each ticket sold from the show back to the Legion. To help CCP get back in the spotlight visit\CurtainCallPlayers.

With grants few and far between, and difficult to get, these volunteer organizations need help to survive. We all need to do our part to keep creativity and innovation flowing, given its insufficient support in the educational system. Even beyond the fundamentals of education, community theatre has the magical ability to help us through difficult times and inspire change; it holds the power to save lives.

Crowdfunding Update: We are on well on our way to reaching our goal with just 50 contributors so far. Please don’t hesitate to put your pledge up because we only have 22 days left! It’s show time if we are to save this group! Thank you for your time and consideration.

For further information on how this campaign works please feel free to contact:         

Brenda Holdsworth at

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Jaclyn Holdsworth started out painting sets at the age of 4 and by 12 she was props master. She still enjoys working behind the scenes, greeting guests and sits on the social media and fundraising committees.

Next weekend she will be hosting a fundraiser for her 18th Birthday and will be giving half the proceeds to CCP. The other half will go to her other passion, Clean Water.

If you live in the Pickering area and/or looking for something fun to do on the long weekend, head on over and please show Jaclyn our support. You can also donate to her event’s success at . Good luck Jaclyn and THANK YOU!

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