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Have you ever wished you had the opportunity to reprise a number from CCP shows past (solo or duet)?  Or join the chorus! This will be fun! 

Contact our Cabaret Team and let’s see if we can make that work!

email: to learn more

The Cabaret will take place SATURDAY JUNE 1 & 2, 2019

Baron-Byng Beaches Legion, 243 Coxwell Avenue, Toronto

Prepare for some blasts from the past! Our theatre elves are preparing a Cabaret to showcase some of our fondest memories from the 63 productions we’ve presented . WARNING …this events may cause flashbacks!

NOW LIVE!  Visit our Crowd Funding page now to learn more about how you can help CCP raise the funds needed to put on a Musical this the Fall.

FALL 2019 – Back in the swing of things

…with your support we will present

“A Sentimental Journey” – with The GTA Swing Band!

Original production by Gerald Petkau and Keith O’Connell

This MIND BLOWING Musical was written by two long-time CCP Members and was performed in 2003 and again in 2005 to sold out audiences.
A Big Band Musical that is sure to have toes tappin’ one minute and tears flowing the next as exerts from actual letters sent during World War II are share in touching monologues. It is a personal tribute not only to those who went to war, but to those who stayed and kept things going here in Canada.
After spending a “Sentimental Season” raising funds, it is our goal to bring this show back to our audience once more! We were touched to learn, in a recent survey, how many people still remember this show fondly and it is a dream to see it come to life again. With your help we can make it happen!