Annie (1999)

We are currently working on a digital scrapbook to showcase each production; if you have any old photos or playbills please scan or send them to us.  (Email )

We are so excited to see this come together and look forward to sharing  our memories!

Note From The Director

CCP audiences last enjoyed Annie in 1990. To reinvent this classic musical we enlisted the help of 35 adults, 20 children and two dogs.  Yes, I said 20 children and two dogs. Rehearsals ran right through our gruelling summer months with many cast members sweating off unwanted pounds… did I say 20 children and two dogs?

Now I know why Annie ran so long on Broadway. I am very proud of this production of Annie and all who have contributed to it.  I have nothing but admiration and thanks to the cast and crew for their enormous contributions to make this show what it is tonight.

So sit back, relax, and travel back to New York in 1933.



The show must go on…
You’ve heard the old theatre adage, “break a leg”. David Bolt, our Daddy Warbucks, took that saying to heart four days before opening night. David was at the theatre, part of the crew putting up the set, when a trip on the stairs landed him in the hospital with a broken ankle. Three cheers to David from the cast and crew for also taking that second saying to heart… the show must go on.

Production Team

Director – Keith O’Connell
Choreographer – John Smith
Musical Director – Gerald Petkau
Piano – Sheldon Rose, Flute/Tenor Sax – Leslie-Anne Holmeshaw
Flute/Soprano Sax – Bart Steward, Trumpet – Peter Van Gijn
Trombone Chris Hunt, Bass – Kerry Johnston
Clarinet Ronda Rindone & Cary Kaye, Percussion – Angela Knight
Producer – Margaret Aitchison
Stage Manager – Tracy Cairns
Set Design – Loren Battenberg, Gerald Petkau
Set Construction – Craig Newell, Paul Sharpe and friends of CCP
Assistant Stage Managers – Deb Kritzer, Cynthia Coulis
Dance Captain – Elizabeth Yanow
Rehearsal Pianist – Gerald Petkau
Costumes – Audrey Frogley, Edythe Shand
Props – Lee Emery
Publicity – Elizabeth Yanow
Lighting Design – Dave Isherwood
Lights – John Smith
Spot Light – John Efthimiades
Sound Technician – Kevin Johnson
Stage Crew – Friends of CCP
Flyer Design – Elizabeth Yanow
Program Cover Design – Brenda Holdsworth
Box Office Manager – Marnie Harper
Board Photos – Kevin Johnson
Front of House Manager – Sue Woodland
Front of House Staff – Friends of CCP



(In order of appearance)

Annie – Melissa Andre
Miss Hannigan – Kathryn MacGregor
Bundles – John Smith
Dog Catcher – Jack Lennick
Sandy – Spencer
Officer Ward – David Smith
Sophie – Cathy Beriault
Grace Farrell – Jody Geddes
Drake – Paul Sharpe
Mrs. Greer – Elizabeth Yanow
Mrs. Pugh – Kelly Newell
Daddy Warbucks – David Bolt
Star to be – Brenda Holdsworth
Rooster – Derek Faulconer
Lily –  Loren Battenberg
Bert Healy – Matt McCarthy
Freda McCracken – Glenna Cairns
Boylan Sisters – Cathy Beriault, Brenda Holdsworth, Kelly Newell
President Roosevelt  – Robert Martyn
Cabinet Members  – Glenna Cairns, Darrell Hicks, Tarja Jaatinen,
Matt McCarthy, David Smith, Des Smyth, Elizabeth Yanow



Karina Andre, Alexandra Beriault, Kaitlyn Cordiner
Rebecca Comerford, Saphire Demitro, Jessica Diamond
Erica Efthimiades, Stephanie Efthimiades
Claire Freeman-Fawcett, Michelle Gould, Ashley Jeige
Robyn Jeige, Jerrica Madden, Samantha Neayem
Allison Smith, Cynthia Smithers, Heather Snowball
Shannon Standen, Rebecca Van Gijn, Colleen Walker

Servants, New Yorkers

Cathy Beriault, Dorothy Brunelle, Glenna Cairns, Carolan Copley
Jane Fieldus*”, Darrell Hicks, Karolyn Hills, Brenda Holdsworth
Lynn Jeige”, Candi Jeronimo, Clara Jeronimo*”*
Jack Lennick, Matt McCarthy, Kelly Newell
Hela Risbridger, Mike Tighe, David Smith, Des Smyth
Roberta Walker**, Elizabeth Yanow* Samantha Yarwood
* dancers


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